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Adding and Removing User Accounts in Windows 10

Adding and Removing User Accounts in Windows 10

Operating System
Windows 10
If you share a computer with other people, then it is recommended that everyone has their own user account - this will allow them to set things up the way they like it. Each user is able to change their settings, so the computer behaves how they want it to when they are logged in; for example, users can have different desktop backgrounds and Windows themes.

Adding User Accounts

When adding a new user, you must first decide what type of account the user will need. In Windows 10, there are two different types of accounts: a Microsoft account and a local account.

Local accounts are the most basic type of accounts. This will allow you to login to the PC using a username and password, and will allow you to set up the PC the way you like it. This type of account works in the same way as accounts in Windows 7 did.

A Microsoft account uses an email address and password to login. This has a number of benefits, including:
  • The ability to sign into any Microsoft services using the account
  • The ability to sync your settings across multiple devices (meaning things like your desktop background will be the same on all computers using the account)
  • The ability to use OneDrive to sync all your documents between PC's
  • The ability to set-up a more secure two-step verification process.
It is up to you which type of account you add. To add an account, follow these steps (this guide assumes you are not setting up Windows family accounts - a guide on that will appear shortly ;) ).
  1. Open up the Settings app by clicking the Start button then Settings.
  2. Select Accounts, then Family & other users.
  3. Click Add someone else to this PC.
You now have two options. If you are adding a local account, then click I don't have this person's sign-in information

On the next page, select Add a user without a Microsoft account:

You will now be asked to enter a Username, Password and Password hint. Once you have done so, select Next. You have added a new local user account! The new user will be a standard user.

To create a new Microsoft account, instead of clicking I don't have this users sign-on information, simply enter their email address in the box and click Next

And that's it, you're done!

Deleting User Accounts

To delete a user account:
  1. Open up the Settings app by clicking the Start button then Settings.
  2. Select Accounts, then Family & other users.
  3. Find the account you want to remove, and click it.
  4. Click Remove
  5. This will open up a new window. Click on Delete account and data to delete the account.
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