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Configure Cortana - Windows 10 Virtual Assistant

Operating System
Windows 10
When you first boot an install of Windows 10 you will be asked if you want to configure Cortana

Cortana can do a variety of things, including searching your files and schedule for appointments. Full list here

Click Allow and you will need to sign in with a Microsoft account

Sign in using your email and password

If you have two factor authentication enabled like me you will be prompted for a code to authorize access to the account

Click Switch to a Microsoft account on this PC to complete the change

On the next few screens you can configure what Cortana will do.

Enter your name here, this is what Cortana will call you.

Click Done from here and you'll be able to further configure Cortana.

From the Notebook you can configure reminders, weather and news.

Finally to configure a reminder you just have to set a tme and criteria and Cortana will remind you

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