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    New Chrome UI

    It reminds me a lot of Firefox's UI before Quantum came out (at least, the desktop version does).
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    Happy New Year to all. :)

    Happy New Year to all. :)
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    Happy new year! Here's to a good one.

    Happy new year! Here's to a good one.
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    Christmas & New Years Greetings.

    I hope you all had a great Christmas guys. :) As usual I ate too much, but that's what Christmas is for, isn't it? :P
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    Merry (belated) Christmas guys!

    Merry (belated) Christmas guys!
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    Information RIP...Wolfeymole

    I wish his family and friends well in this time of grieving. RIP Wolfey.
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    Brexit and the EU.

    I very much expect Scotland to leave the UK - they have enough oil and other resources that the EU will probably let them become a member. I'm not too sure about Northern Ireland though - I think the Republic of Ireland has pretty much ruled out a referendum on the border.
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    Brexit and the EU.

    Although I am less than happy with the outcome of the vote, I think we need to approach the coming yeas with an open mind. If future negotiations are handled well, then this could still turn out all right. However, I see one big problem with this - the EU will want to make an example of Britain...
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    Thanks a lot! :)

    Thanks a lot! :)
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    Solved Searching for a postable map?

    I second this. I've used it for a similar purpose and it worked great.
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    Android Device Not Showing Notifications

    I had this happen to me once but unfortunately I can't remember exactly what I did to fix it. I think I may have just turned the notifications off and then back on again. Also make sure that the GMail app isn't set to send send notifications for the email account in question, as I seem to...
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    Google Chrome - Change Default Search?

    I use Google Chrome as my web browser and the one thing that bugs me is that it uses google.com as the default search engine. This is annoying because I get all of the American sites instead of the UK ones (like amazon.com instead of amazon.co.uk). I've tried these instructions...
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    Thank goodness it's Saturday...

    Thank goodness it's Saturday...
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    Happy Birthday Bear

    Happy Birthday Arctos. :)
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    Happy new year everyone, here's to a good 'un.

    Happy new year everyone, here's to a good 'un.