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Recent content by DCiAdmin

  1. DCiAdmin

    All Things Tasty - Food & Recipes...

    WOW! I've never had Wagyu beef so couldn't speak to the quality, but that's kinda pricey ;)
  2. DCiAdmin

    I just bought...

    I do miss a manual. I'll have to see if I can locate something to at least give the kids a taste of shifting gears or braking on a hill. ;)
  3. DCiAdmin

    Funny video thread

    that is SO excellent! and sadly accurate
  4. DCiAdmin

    Australian takes on Greta Thunberg...

    Well responded, LC. That's a clever find, Bear!
  5. DCiAdmin

    Free Recipe Books From Woolies (December 2019)

    HA! I've just hooked my daughter on the Fresh mag. Thank you again, Bear!
  6. DCiAdmin

    Free Recipe Books From Woolies (December 2019)

    I had forgotten about the app! I'll see if I can find that now. Thanks again! EDIT: Apparently it's not available to me in the States. :( I'll continue to depend you for good recipes, Bear!
  7. DCiAdmin

    Free Recipe Books From Woolies (December 2019)

    I love these recipes, Bear! Thank you for continuing to post them. I've recently picked up a combo pressure & slow cooker, air fryer / crisper. I typically stay away from all-in-one devices but this one came well recommended. The few things I've made in it have been tasty - and quick :) I'll...
  8. DCiAdmin

    Conversation Saga of fight with home wireless

    I've got wireless n, @BeJimmieLic . What I'm considering is trying to find a way to hardwire the house for full-blown ethernet connectivity in every room. But that's a down the road dream, I'm afraid.
  9. DCiAdmin

    It's been busy and crazy and... How are things for you?

    It's been busy and crazy and... How are things for you?
  10. DCiAdmin

    Wow, hi Peter! Long time no see....

    Wow, hi Peter! Long time no see....
  11. DCiAdmin

    MonkeyMagic (Robin)

    For those of you not on FB, our old friend Robin had a bit of bad luck with the local religious faction. While he, Danielle and the kids were away visiting family, his home was paint bombed. A copy of his FB post from 07/12 is posted below. The room that was hit belongs to their son, Aiden. I'm...
  12. DCiAdmin

    What Music Are You Listening To?

    All music after my own heart! Great stuff lately! I have heard Clapton's version, LC - it is one of my favorites! Thank you for remembering my fondness for the song!
  13. DCiAdmin

    Free Recipe Books From Woolies (December 2019)

    I need to remember to keep these recipes for my winter feasts. They always look wonderful and not terribly fussy to make. Thank you for sharing, Bear!
  14. DCiAdmin

    Great Free Android Apps

    LOL, I had thought the same of 101 and 102. I don't believe I've tried 103 yet.
  15. DCiAdmin

    Cell Phone - SMS Backup+

    Interesting, Bear. Thank you! I haven't received that notice yet. Or maybe I just disregarded it if I did.