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  1. DCiAdmin

    Great Free Android Apps

    Oh dear Lord! That looks like a head banger. And addictive! I'll have to give it a go. Thank you, Bear!
  2. DCiAdmin

    All Things Tasty - Food & Recipes...

    How goes it with the low carb bread, Bear? That would be a challenge for me as well. Granted, I'm eating more sandwiches without bread or using only 1 slice instead of 2, but durn... Some things just aren't meant for change :) Hope the new bread is tasty as well as healthy.
  3. DCiAdmin


    I should have added that one here. I think I gave the recommendation to Crush to watch it. Yes, 13 Hours is very good!
  4. DCiAdmin

    Amazon Prime (Streaming Video) Service

    I have heard that it's not child appropriate. Glad to know it's funny. I don't think I've talked to many that have watched it.
  5. DCiAdmin

    Amazon Prime (Streaming Video) Service

    Love my Amazon Prime streaming! Just an FYI for anyone with Amazon "My Music" associated with a Prime account - that service will end with your next Prime renewal. However! You can leave all uploaded music in Amazon's cloud after the expiration if you select the Do Not Remove my music button in...
  6. DCiAdmin

    Easter Chocolate For Unwary Kidz...

    Ah, that might be. So more of a Baker's chocolate?
  7. DCiAdmin

    Wanna See What Data Google Collects?

    Great information, LC. I appreciate it. I'll have to follow up with that link and see how "compromised" I am. Like you, I have several gmail accounts and try to keep things private, but I'm sure I've slipped.
  8. DCiAdmin

    Closing The Site

    LOL, this had me - for about 5 seconds. Oh crush!
  9. DCiAdmin

    Easter Chocolate For Unwary Kidz...

    I don't recall it being called black chocolate in the States, but perhaps before my time. mmmm, love good dark chocolate!
  10. DCiAdmin

    From Todays Spam Folder.

    Even without a prompt, LC, I would be delighted to tell you how much I appreciate and have learned from you. Bear too!
  11. DCiAdmin

    From Todays Spam Folder.

    I'm a mite irritated. We have implemented Barracuda's ESS (Essential Spam something) and I believe my chances of ever getting my millions or becoming the next Arabic princess are gone. Woe is me! :(
  12. DCiAdmin

    System Scheduler

    Nice find, Bear! and wonderful reminder about the Cron apps, LC
  13. DCiAdmin

    Fake News or Is It?

    ^^ | | WOW....
  14. DCiAdmin

    Thinking of buying a Chromecast 2

    @Crush - you have a Chrome Cast, don't you?
  15. DCiAdmin

    Information P:\ refers to a location that is unavailable

    Gallorg - disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't mess with the data at all. It's strictly a "power off/power on" type of reset of the drive mapping.
  16. DCiAdmin

    Information P:\ refers to a location that is unavailable

    Gallorg, A manual disconnect and remapping of that drive / external might resolve this for you. Do you need assistance completing that?
  17. DCiAdmin

    From Todays Spam Folder.

    Dang, I could use more monies :)
  18. DCiAdmin

    Auto repair manuals.

    ...and he's gone :)
  19. DCiAdmin

    From Todays Spam Folder.

    Lol, Bear! What kind people you have in contact with you. I wouldn't hesitate to share every detail with people of such fine character and great writing. ;)
  20. DCiAdmin

    POTUS Health Checkup

    Spot on!