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  1. veeg

    Conversation Saga of fight with home wireless

    Terry do you have 5 g? I had to change my streaming pc to 5 g because the 2.4 g was constantly buffering. So far it is working.
  2. veeg


    Also Taboo is a good one.
  3. veeg


    Ripper Street is pretty good.
  4. veeg

    Funny Pics Thread (Add Your Own)

    Yeah it's amazing how those sneakers can come thru the atmosphere like that..
  5. veeg

    Thinking of buying a Chromecast 2

  6. veeg

    Thinking of buying a Chromecast 2

    My daughter links her tablet and or the device itself to her big screen..
  7. veeg

    Information Absence

  8. veeg

    Information Absence

    So my mother fail today and broke her hip and i will not be on here as much....
  9. veeg

    Information RIP...Wolfeymole

    True that...
  10. veeg

    Information RIP...Wolfeymole

    Probably so.
  11. veeg

    Information RIP...Wolfeymole

    Ok,i heard back from his grand daughter....he died of liver failure..
  12. veeg

    DCiAdmin - frequent absences

    Do what you have to do Terry...
  13. veeg

    Have a good one..:)

    Have a good one..:)
  14. veeg

    Information RIP...Wolfeymole

    Probably but i got this info from his grand daughter..
  15. veeg

    Information RIP...Wolfeymole

    Bob passed August 4th
  16. veeg

    Windows 10 help

    I am trying to figure out what the wifi has to do with it.. Have you tried to reset your display settings?
  17. veeg

    Funny video thread

  18. veeg

    Conversation Storms

    This is a part of those storms that rolled thru here yesterday..
  19. veeg

    What Music Are You Listening To?

  20. veeg

    Conversation The 18th thu the 29th

    or spot on