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  1. DCiAdmin

    Information P:\ refers to a location that is unavailable

    Gallorg, A manual disconnect and remapping of that drive / external might resolve this for you. Do you need assistance completing that?
  2. DCiAdmin

    From Todays Spam Folder.

    Dang, I could use more monies :)
  3. DCiAdmin

    Auto repair manuals.

    ...and he's gone :)
  4. DCiAdmin

    From Todays Spam Folder.

    Lol, Bear! What kind people you have in contact with you. I wouldn't hesitate to share every detail with people of such fine character and great writing. ;)
  5. DCiAdmin

    POTUS Health Checkup

    Spot on!
  6. DCiAdmin

    Fake News or Is It?

  7. DCiAdmin

    Fake News or Is It?

    Tonight's late show said that the operator selected the wrong message from the drop down box choices. The operator has been relieved of that position. The late show host made the point that would actually be the person you want to remain in the job. That operator will be the One person that...
  8. DCiAdmin

    Medieval Social Media

    Bear, My dad had a little statue on his dresser with the above. I thought it was the funniest thing when I was a kid. Thanks for the smile and the memory.
  9. DCiAdmin

    Radio Caroline (Pirate Radio Ship)

    I'll have to check that out. Sounds interesting
  10. DCiAdmin

    All Things Tasty - Food & Recipes...

    Charcoal brioche? Tasting of charcoal?
  11. DCiAdmin

    Radio Delete?

    I have already purchased a replacement stereo for Tessa. She's got a bit of a heavy foot and swears that her speedometer is a bit off. Unfortunately, her mechanic, his computer and GPS on my phone all agree that her speedometer is only 2 mph off mark. So the stereo I purchased will shout at her...
  12. DCiAdmin

    All Things Tasty - Food & Recipes...

    Not a joke?
  13. DCiAdmin

    Radio Delete?

    While she would love to have Steering Wheel control of her tunes, I'm not going to go that far in the modifications area. Thanks, LC - I'll give Crutchfield a look/call.
  14. DCiAdmin

    Fake News or Is It?

    @Crush - NJ doesn't allow people to pump their own gas, does it? hmmm, didn't NJ go red last election? ;)
  15. DCiAdmin

    Radio Delete?

    Sorry to be so long responding. The radio installation occurred at a bad time. Office move took priority. Thank you for the explanation, LC. That helped when I called local installers :) I still don't understand why there would be two different wiring harnesses - radio delete or not radio...
  16. DCiAdmin

    Fake News or Is It?

    Great idea for a thread! I'll have to search :)
  17. DCiAdmin

    Radio Delete?

    Anyone have knowledge of what Radio Delete means? I'm trying to buy a wiring harness for an aftermarket radio for Tessa's 2008 Hyundai Elantra. I need to figure out if the system has Radio Delete. Here's what I'm looking at at Amazon.
  18. DCiAdmin

    Happy Holidays, friends near & far. Hope everyone has a blessed 2018 and a safe entry into the...

    Happy Holidays, friends near & far. Hope everyone has a blessed 2018 and a safe entry into the New Year!
  19. DCiAdmin

    Tax Cuts Explained

    Bring it on, LC. I love a good debate, and more so one that has historical reference supporting.
  20. DCiAdmin

    Existing folders not visible in Documents?

    Yikes, LC! Sounds like quite the joy.... I wonder if your experience is related to mine with my brother-in-law. I never searched for the cause, only the resolution. Different path than what you needed, but sounds oddly similar - http://www.ihelpforum.com/guides/start-menu-apps-missing.193/