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Backlit Keyboards Help


I have had my current laptop since like 2012 or 2013, and it is still working swell. But if it does die for good, I was thinking of getting a new laptop, one that had a backlit keyboard so I can see at night time or when I am unable to see the keys on the keyboard. I wondered when shopping for a new laptop online, and it lists it is a backlit keyboard type of laptop, how do I know for sure that, that's the real deal I am buying. I have had others buying laptops off the internet Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc. And laptops have certain features, and once they get the laptop those features aren't even present. What do you think of buying laptops off the internet, and the use of backlit keyboards? Thanks for the help!

Lord Chance

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Greetings Nappy666,

The idea of a backlit keyboard can be defined differently between vendors and manufacturers. It really depends on what you want. It could be as simple as......


Or this?

Most laptop manufacturers offer a model with the backlit keyboard feature. For me, a backlit keyboard is just something else to go wrong. Also I prefer to use my laptop in a well lighted place. What can I say, I'm old and getting blind. :)

Buying a laptop online is ok if you are careful. Only buy from reputable vendors and make sure they have an acceptable return policy if the item is not what you expect. Before you start shopping it is a good idea to visit the laptop manufacturer's webpage and look at the different models to see what features they offer and what kind of support you can expect. When you are ready to make a purchase it is a good practice to take a screen shot of the item page to keep a record of what was being offered so if the unexpected should happen you have proof of what you saw on the site and their claims. You will often see disclaimers saying that they are not responsible for typographical errors. This is not entirely true. Be as that may, most reputable vendors will work with you to correct the oversight. Just give them a chance. Don't depend on the vendor's web site for a complete feature list. It just won't be adequate. Always use the manufacturer's site, make your selection there then go shopping. I hope this helps in your search. ;)


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Excellent advice received from both Lord Chance and Arctos. I hope their remarks help you in your decisions.