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Blast from the past.


Beware of the Bear...
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The price I paid for mine in the 1980's would have got a top of the line pc today probably.

C64 including games and datesette - ~$650.00
1541 Floppy Drive - ~ $350.00
1571 Floppy Drive - ~$500.00
Monitor - ~$350.00

We had a lot of fun with it, some of my favourite games were Gunship and Up Periscope, plus typing in all of the games from the magazine I bought.

Geos2 open the C64, I had most of the modules for that I llernt a lot from Geo Publsh and Geo Calc that hejped me in the transition to Winders. Although the mines had a crash course with Word Perfect and Winders Excell that we were using in our award restructuring section "skills analyse" which was run by the mine and the various trade unions that were involved. We even got credits for doing it, I ended up with a associate diploma in business computing after doing a desktop publishing course at the local TAFE colledge using Aldus Pagemaker