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Copying to external hard drive


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2 identical Astone (usb2) 3.5 inch sata hard drive enclosures, and was amazed when windoze 7 said it would take 2hours 30 minutes to copy a 39GB file to it. I tried it on the other Astone enclosure and windows reported 11 minutes to copy it, which after a minute went to 19 minutes.

There was plenty of space left on the 1TB drives, so I pulled the cases apart and the faster one had a seagate 7200 sata drive in it and the other had a wd "green" 1TB drive.

Are green drives really that slow, or is there another reason, I guess I could swap the drives in the enclosures for an experiment?


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WD Green storage is tested and recommended for primary use in desktop and All-in-One PCs, as secondary storage for archiving, in external cases or as reliable backup storage. Storage and backup functionality is not intended for rapid response use. IMO, 2 hours 30 minutes is fine. Just set up the backup to happen when you are not intending to use the PC. Like when you are sleeping.