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Email help


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Hi Guys

Im not sure if
A - this is posted in the correct place
B - if anyone can help me

OK for some reason i cant access my email as in it wont sync with my provider (virgin media)
I keep getting this popup "your blueyonder account settings are out of date", when i try updatting or snching it doesnt recognise my password

Now i had a major Wondows update on Wednesday night & all this email issue stated on Friday pm

Thanks for reading



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I had some problems setting up my isp email on a Chromebook using K9 Mail, it kept spitting out account errors. So I bit the bullet and got it working with the same isp login details with GMail.

My isp Optus and their email has always been a pain in the arse to set up even with Thunderbird in Winders, I just save the TB profile and then paste it in a new install of Winders and Thunderbird.


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Hi Arctos,
If i use gmail or Thunderbird can i still keep my email address
Sorry email set up isnt my strongest suite!!