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External HD issue


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@Lord Chance Ah yes thank you. :)

After a bit more research this [INIC-1608L] is the model number for the chip on the SATA to USB PCB for some external hard drives. If thats the case then it seems to be recognising the USB interface but not the HDD itself. Only way I can think of to find out what has gone exactly is to take the HDD out and either connect it directly to the PC or put it in another enclosure.


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System Requirements:

This hard drive is compatible with the operating systems
MS Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.x.

Please note:

For the USB 3.0 operation an USB 3.0 interface card is needed. The hard disk is downwardly compatible with the previous USB standards.

Your PC’s hardware configuration as well as the operating system employed can influence the compatibility of the hard drive.

Power supply under USB 2.0: If your USB 3.0 hard disc is not recognized on your PC with a USB 2.0 connection, this could probably be caused by the power supply. In this case, please connect an USB hub with an external power supply.
This is on page 9 of the user manual available at there their website...

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The Drive was working fine until all of a sudden it just disapeared from the "my computer" list

Here's the 2nd scan you requested




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Ah ok, Well that rules out any power issues, At this point I'm at a bit of a loss as even though the hard drive is being seen by both Windows and Linux there doesn't seem to be any way of accessing the actual hard drive itself. Would it be possible for you to take the HDD out of it's case and connect it by other means?