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I did not read the posting rules


Because, you know, Obama.
Heads up - Audials One is free today. Offer ends at midnight Pacific. This software will rip a NetFlix stream - or any other "you can't keep this" video. Do you hear me Chris Kimball?

If your task is simply to rip a stream, this is THE app. Forget FRAPS for this task. Point and click > Audials will rip and convert.

Here is the good part - The SE in the app title means "pre-registered", not crippled. For those of you familiar with GAOTD, you know it can be tricky saving the install package in a way that allows future installation. Here, you only need to:

1. Download setup package
2. Run setup package, DO NOT CONTINUE
3. Open Explorer with hidden files shown
4. Navigate to %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp
5. Sort by Date Descending
The target folder is a RAR SFX folder and the datetime is nearly immediate.
It contains a fully registered installation package. $80 retail value.
6. Copy that folder to an archive and rename it to AudialsOne11
7. Continue with setup.

*shell hackers, your temp folder may be located elsewhere.


Because, you know, Obama.
1derful. It appears as if Audials has removed the stream ripper. All of the support material implies that this function remains, but I cannot find it.

Suck it, Audials.

Please ignore this pointless thread.