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I just bought.... Home version


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Paid $150 for it, I think and bought it from someone that received as a gift. They were moving to a 2nd floor apartment that didn't permit grilling unless it was done in the parking lot. The grill was originally purchased in Mexico.

Top grill is cooking, 2nd grill is for charcoal (yuk!) and bottom is firewood. The clay top is hinged onto the back of the grill. I've easily cooked enough pork chops on here to feed 10-12 people.

My million dollar dream? To find where they make these things in Mexico and import them for resell.

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Lord Chance

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For you to put that together..... I now have a new respect for you.... F#cking Witty!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
It's a visual thing Mate. It also tells me something about you. The fact you got the joke with no trouble means you know something about cats and you appreciate a fancy bow when you see one. ;) I got a million funnies. Trouble is this is a Family forum so 99.999999% of them can't be posted here. :lol: