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Isolate one pc on a network


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Hopefully if I pass my training, and become competent, ill be able to respond to malware issues and questions just about anywhere on the net. As it stands now there are many sites that rightly so wont let you, unless you can show them you've had some form of acceptable training. Whilst I cast no aspersions on anything that may be offered here, I believe the hopefully successful training at Geeks will allow me to participate in malware discussion just about anywhere?
They try and get you to the sites listed on UNITE, but theoretically yes

Our program teaches the same concepts but does not benefit (or be hindered by depending on your way of looking at it) the group of people running the other schools


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This old dog doesn't have enough brains left to learn anything new.
I think the old dog is selling himself short:D

Ive made my bed now, and they have been good to me. Progress has slowed a bit now with analyzing log file entries, but hey that's what its all about. Pity Ihelp has not made it known, and Im sure they would get many takers, especially if it was more relaxed than what ive seen elsewhere. Hopefully when I finish Ihelp may allow me to contribute to malware discussions?