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Laptop's Bending Option Cracked but Working at a Slant?


I closed my laptop's lid as I was cleaning my room, and by doing this, the bending option of my laptop cracked, and now I can't close the laptop at all, without making it worse. Even the bottom of the laptop is falling a part, but my laptop is still powering on and off, browsing the web is working fine too. So should I continue to use my laptop or try to get this bending option fixed or what to do?


Well which option is better, investing money in fixing it, or buying a whole new laptop that costs between $600-900 bucks?


Natalie, Is this the same Laptop with the sound problem? And the broke hinge? If so then I suggest you save up your money because the laptop will eventually finish breaking. You can get a laptop at Wal Mart for $300 on up.
Yes it is, and $300 laptops? Those are likely the 13-14 inch screen size. TOO small for me. I need 17 inch screen and up thanks.

Lord Chance

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Those happen to be 15 and 16 inch but even the 17 inch are only running in the $400 to $600 range. My advice would be to either start saving now or make due with what you can afford. It is a simple choice because when your laptop dies as they all do at some point then you will have no other choice.