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Lenovo T470s and Windows 7


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Dear Lenovo, you suck.

I am trying to get Windows 7 Enterprise installed on a brand new Lenovo T470s which comes in three different configurations I've seen

-An NVMe M.2 Samsung drive :banghead:
-A 2.5" Toshiba SSD :banghead:
-An NVMe based M.2 Intel drive :banghead:

I am using WinPE to try and install Windows from an ISO that I got off Technet.

When booting into WinPE I receive the following error:

I have injected the drivers into the WIM file following this tutorial to make Windows 7 and the NVM technology play nice - https://support.lenovo.com/pl/en/solutions/ht103541

and grabbed all the drivers from here - https://support.lenovo.com/pl/en/downloads/ds120972

What have I missed?

Lord Chance

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More Information

The Windows PE CD-Rom can be started from BIOS firmware or from UEFI firmware. The CD-ROM has two boot catalog entries. One platform ID entry corresponds to the BIOS, and one corresponds to the UEFI.

To create an ISO image for Windows PE on a CD-ROM, follow these steps:
  1. Use administrative credentials to log on to a Windows Server 2008-based computer.
  2. On the Programs Menu, click Windows OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK), and then click Windows PE Tools Command Prompt.
  3. Type copype.cmd amd64 winpe_x64, and then press ENTER. This command creates the directory structure and copies the required files.
  4. Type copy winpe.wim .\ISO\sources\boot.wim, and then press ENTER. This command will copy the winpe.wim created under winpe_x64 to the ISO\sources folder as boot.wim.
  5. Type the following command, and then press ENTER:
    oscdimg -m -o -u2 -udfver102 -bootdata:2#p0,e,bc:\winpe_x64\etfsboot.com#pEF,e,bc:\winpe_x64\efisys.bin c:\winpe_x64\ISO c:\winpe_x64\winpeuefi.iso
    Note See the "Definitions" section for more information about this command.
  6. Burn the ISO image (Winpeuefi.iso) to a CD or to a DVD.