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Solved Mozilla Thunderbird section default configuration


The Immortal
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Somehow I messed up the appearance of Thunderbird, my email client.
Is there a default configuration? If so, where is it?

Thanks all

Lord Chance

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Here are some options Mate.
You can do it piece-by-piece via Menu Path:

  • [If running on Windows or OSX]: Tools | Options, or
    [If running on Linux]: Edit | Options
    .. then Advanced | General | Config Editor
Any item shown in boldface is a user-set value. You can click on the header at the top of the Status column to group them all together.

Right-click any item and choose Reset to return it to its default value.

Not sure, but it may take an exit/reload for all to take effect.
Or you can...
Before you start resetting settings use "help -> troubleshooting information" and look at the list of modified preferences. Its incomplete but might give you a useful overview since many of the modified settings it ignores you don't care about.
As a last resort.
try this
click Help
click Troubleshooting Info
click [Open Containing Folder]

shut down TB

in the right hand panel, rename prefs.js to prefs.js.bak

restart TB


The Immortal
iHF Master Craftsman
WCG Team Member
It does pay to have friends, if I can only remember what forum they are on. :rolleyes: :mrgreen: :notworthy:

Thanks, guys.