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Ransomware - threat to PCs, MACs, and Linux

Ransomware - threat to PCs, MACs, and Linux


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Ransomware - threat to PCs, MACs, and Linux - Common Sense Prevention

Yes, it’s another post to raise your awareness of the threat posed by ransomware. Knowbe4.com reports that Forbes alleges that as many as 90,000 computers are infected with Locky ransomware daily. Unlock fees charged by the hackers average $420 per infected installation. Knowbe4.com further states that in the last few days, a botnet has sent as many as 4 million phishing emails with a zip attachment containing Java script that installs the Locky ransomware.

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For years we have preached to friends and family that you should NEVER open attachments in emails from people or sources that you don't know. Even if the attachment is from someone you do know contact the sender and ask if it is legit.

Ok, one more time because we like you and don't want to see you lose your Files.

DO NOT! Open attachments from unknown sources. Any attachments! Especially archive files like ZIP or RAR.
DO NOT! Open attachments from people or sources you know without confirming it is legit.
If you make an online purchase make note of the purchase number or purchase confirmation number for when the online retailer sends your receipt. They should NEVER send the receipt in a ZIP file.
Also, NO ONE is out there wanting to give you money or prizes and Government entities will only send you documents via snail mail. UPS, FEDEX and other carriers do not contact you via email. THINK! Where did they get your email address?

One last thing, if you just can't resist opening attachments I bloody well hope you have everything saved in backups. If not, Then be prepared to PAY! because you either pay the crooks to restore your files (ya right!!) or pay someone to try and retrieve your files. Either way. :rolleyes: