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Solved Raspbian Pi help, please


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Well, foo! I've tried a reboot with both the sudo chmod +x *.py and sudo chown pi: *.py commands in place at the same time and no change. I still receive the error.

I'll look for the file next and see if it's a shortened path or the full path. Your help today, Peter, is GREATLY appreciated! I'll be leaving the office in about 15 minutes, so I won't be bothering you further tonight.
I just thought, If apache has only been give a shortened path (ie: ~/www/AC/resetservo.py) then it probably won't work as before a user has logged in it won't know what ~ stands for. Not sure how that could have been changed but computers can do very strange things sometimes.

apemax - been following this thread. You've been doing a great job at helping Terry. I always found Linux experts often assume you know what they are talking about. You however provide the command line needed to do what you are suggesting. That is a great way to ensure your point gets through. Again, well done.
Thanks, I always try and put things in a way that I would have understood when I first started using Linux as it can be rather daunting for someone new to it. To be fair though I wouldn't really call myself an expert to be honest so maybe thats the reason. :)


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Due to a time constriction (I need the bot back in place before the weekend) , I called on our external support guy to take a look. I would never have found this....

The path to the scripts is actually /var/www/AC/

I updated the rc (startup) script to use this path here: /etc/rc3.d/S01thermometer

Again, thank YOU for your very patient, detailed instruction. I really feel like I have learned a lot in the last two days. I know that I'm not as intimidated by Linux as I once was, but still oh such much a baby in this technology. Thank you! marking SOLVED