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Information Registry Cleaner Freeware List


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Here are some helpful Registry Cleaner Software (Freeware)

Before you go down the list....READ

Do you need to have Registry Cleaners?

Read this article by Crush-> http://www.ihelpforum.com/index.php?guides/registry-cleaners-do-i-really-need-one.26/

What are Registry Cleaners?
Registry Cleaners are software that removes unnecessary entries in the Windows Registry. Example some entries in Add/Remove Program list (appwiz.cpl) is bork with broken entries due to malware/third party software. Registry cleaners are used to fix issues like that and much other issues. Registry Cleaners do also come with optimizations, but please take note that this is something you should be careful doing. Anytime you deal with the Windows Registry please make backup, usually Registry Cleaners like JV16 will make backups if you allow too.

*Disclaimer note*
Please remember using Registry Cleaner tools are used for troubleshooting specific issues

It is NOT for daily basis use, nor is it used for maintenance on your computer. Please read before going further down the list. It is at your own desecration when downloading Registry Cleaner off this list.IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING ASK FOR HELP.

Thank you on behalf of iHelpForum and myself TechJohn.
*Feel free to contribute to the list. I will add the contributor name on the list*

All software listed is FREEWARE, nor will the list consist of anything that's NOT FREE.

Registry cleaner List v1.0

*If you have used any Registry Cleaner and would like to add too list, just comment bellow. I've tested the ones above already. Future ones will be tested as well.*

Cheers :)
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