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Conversation Soo I am getting interested in making things....


Live Long And Eat Bacon
WCG Team Member
So you say you going to start with old furniture..

Are you going to keep the wood part the same shade or color? If so then some easy steps without overkill.. Wipe down the all the wood parts that need to be stained with acrylic lacquer thinner,it has to be acrylic thinner.. This removes the old oil finish plus any body oils on it and raises the the grain...next use sandpaper around 180 grit and just buff the wood to knock down the raised wood grain and the old finish.. If you are sensitive to the thinner use a plastic sandwich bag as a glove.. wipe off any dust from sanding and or use an air compressor.. Next test a spot of wood to see if the shading is to your liking.. Remember when applying a stain and or a finish with a brush stroke in on direction and slowly as not to create bubbles as this when dried will feel like raised wood and will need to be buffed of with some 300 grit sand paper,wipe down and re apply.. Of course if you are going to totally change the color you may have to sand down to the wood...after a thinner wipe down of course..

The thing here like any other project is prep prep and prep...then more than likely you will get the results you like..


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Not really haven't had much time and still trying to get other things in order. Bout the only thing I have worked on is my brothers go cart.
It starts early fixing stuff for the family for free, a go cart today a General Ford (like our Falcadores here in Oz) next time... :D