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Solved Sound Volume

Presiding Cat

Well-Known Member
The default volume control on Linux Mint 17 3 has stopped adjusting the volume of the Speakers...
Is there anything I can do to correct it other than to reinstall Rosa?
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Presiding Cat

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What is the default way that you adjust the volume from? That is to say, where do you go to adjust the volume?

Could you please run to check if pulseaudio is running:

pulseaudio --check
What does it output?
I go to the bottom right side of the screen and click on the volume icon to adjust the volume...

I am assuming that you are asking me to type "pulseaudio --check" in the terminal? Is That correct?
If not Could you please explain?

Presiding Cat

Well-Known Member
Your not missing anything, If that command doesn't output anything it means Pulseaudio is running.

Could you please run this command to restart pulseaudio:
Yes thank you apemax that worked...

Presiding Cat

Well-Known Member
Done... Still working...