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SSL Certificates installed to FortiGate firewalls

Lord Chance

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And the answer is.....
It is not possible to do what I was trying - to download an existing certificate and reupload to the FortiGate. The cert must be reissued to install, so the PDF that you suggested, LC, has the answer.

I had reviewed that durn PDF numerous times and refused to believe that what I wanted to was impossible. But a discussion today with Nilesh from Fortinet proved that to be the only answer. I have successfully created a CSR, requested reissue, and installed 1 of my 2 SSL certs. And yes, the reissued cert with latest SHA2 encryption did resolve the issue with DCi's websites viewed on Safari on a Mac. 1 more cert to complete reissue and reinstallation and hopefully all will be well tomorrow.

btw, Network Solutions said that their methods of updating encryption technologies shouldn't require a cert reissue, but sometimes. Ugh...

Solved :)
For what it's worth M'Lady, Network Solutions is correct. The issue is with the core implementation meaning Fortinet. They are making it harder than it should be. Why? They want to be you CA as well and handle everything. What they don't see is if they make it hard on the SysAdmin then the company either drops them for another or the SysAdmin quits doing the job properly. We have forgotten the K.I.S.S. principle, even in the IT world. :)