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WindX found more TV screen


Because, you know, Obama.
Samsung LNT4661F Mine is ~8 years old. All news caps on both boards (power and I/O).
Default res, and as far as I knew, max res = 1080p
PC video is an AMD A10-7800, no card.

WIndX defaulted the resolution to 2560x1440

There is no smoke. No whine. No detected hi-freq EMI

I have never considered, read, reviewed, researched and/or cared about overdriving the resolution on an LCD flat panel.

Minus conjecture or anecdotal evidence, what do I risk if I run the higher res? Will I damage the LCD panel? Any circuitry?

I kinda like it.

Except for the tiny taskbar icons


Because, you know, Obama.
someone posted elsewhere:

Likely what Horny said is happening; the monitor is downscaling the resolution for you. Will this hurt the monitor? Honestly, I haven't a clue, but I would doubt it. However, it would likely look worse because partial pixels are being represented by single pixels on the monitor (every physical pixel is trying to show the information of 16/9-pixels being sent to the monitor).

Basically you're running 4/3x supersampling anti-aliasing and having the monitor downsample instead of the superior GPU. Because it is fractional supersampling, you will lose crispness where you want it, such as around the edges of letters, though at just 4/3s, I'm not sure how evident it will be.


Because, you know, Obama.
I do not notice/understand the math behind the proposed "downsampling".



Always room to learn a bit more
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Interesting conversation with yourself. I'm anxious to get the upgrade done here. Still imaging :)